Quebec approves fracking!

Quebec Paves Way for Oil, Gas Exploration With New Energy Plan

by Danielle Bochove and Robert Tuttle

  • Bill 106 clears path for Junex, Questerre projects in province
  • Critics had asked for more debate and a moratorium on fracking

Quebec’s legislature passed a bill that will pave the way for more oil and gas exploration, providing a boost to drillers such as Junex Inc. while drawing criticism from environmental, aboriginal and citizen groups.

Bill 106 passed Quebec’s National Assembly in a 62-38 vote early Saturday after an overnight debate ahead of the holiday break. The legislation is meant to implement Quebec’s clean energy plan but also contains provisions allowing for energy exploration, potentially including fracking.

“Quebec’s government just voted down an amendment to ban fracking in a triumph of science over ‘leave it in the ground’ lunacy,” Calgary-based Questerre Energy Corp. tweeted early Saturday morning.

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