Ranking Ontario Premiers, who’s your #1?

Picks and pans of Ontario premiers


My stablemate Steve Simmons’ superb list of 100 great NHLers got me thinking about thin ice, which reminded me of Ontario premiers.

So who was our premier premier? Who was the worst? Questions as thorny as the eternal Bobby Orr vs Wayne Gretzky debate (Simmons rightly chose Orr).

Seriously, picking among Bob Rae, Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne for lousiest premier is like choosing arsenic, cyanide or hemlock.

Since we have not yet had 100 premiers — though some days it feels like it — let’s whittle this down to Best 3 and Worst 3 to ever rule Queen’s Park. (I’ve ignored premiers who were just passin’ through.)

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