7 News Coverage discrepancies with U.S. Climate Report

7 Pieces of Fake News About the Latest U.S. Climate Report

Bjorn Lomborg is an environmentalist who believes in Climate Change. But he is not an alarmist. Because of that, he is one of the few worth taking seriously.

And while I’m sure he would prefer to spend more time convincing skeptics like myselfthat Climate Change is real, because of all the climate hysteria out there, most of his time is spent debunking myths, fake news, and bad science.

After the release the government’s latest climate assessment report last week, and as we have come to expect, almost all of the establishment media used it to fire hose us with fake news. In response, Lomborg published a must-read piece at the New York Post debunking the misleading coverage.

Here are the 7 ways the media misled you about the report:

  1. Climate scientist Michael Mann appeared on CNN and NPR talking about “unprecedented weather extremes.” The only problem with that is that, according to the report itself, we are not experiencing “unprecedented weather extremes.” Lomborg writes…

Actually, the assessment, and science, tell a different story. “Drought statistics over the entire contiguous US have declined,” the report finds, reminding us that “the Dust Bowl era of the 1930s remains the benchmark drought and extreme heat event.”

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