Millennials have fallen for the great con

Useful idiots believe in a carbon-free world


The problem for Canada’s energy industry – particularly for companies hoping to build or expand pipelines – is that much of the country’s young urban educated class already live in a post-carbon fairy-tale land.

Rockin’ man-buns, full beards and plaid lumberjack shirts, while cycle commuting to their jobs at independent, fair trade, pour-over coffee houses, they encounter no one who works in the energy industry, so they just assume no one needs to – that the “carbon sector” could be shut down tomorrow and nothing would change.

They are susceptible to the promises of the Magic Wand politicians and think-tankers who insist that all that is standing between the world we live in and an alternate energy future is political will and a few trillion dollars and – poof! – no more carbon.

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