When did the environment stop being important to the Environmentalists?

The untold Ontario green-energy scandal is that it’s devastating our rural areas

Garth Manning, Special to Financial Post | November 2, 2016 8:41 AM ET

The biggest unreported story in the Ontario media, despite all its talented investigative journalists, is the destruction of rural Ontario by massive wind “farms” and solar projects.

Wind turbines are not “farms” but sophisticated industrial machines, each taller than Toronto’s Royal York Hotel or the Ottawa Peace Tower. They will never be built in urban centres. So rural Ontario is being progressively devastated while residents of towns and cities, along with the media, remain uncaring.

Large wind and solar factories give the finger to rural economies, heritage, and property and business values and landscapes, while vast flocks of migrating birds, including endangered species, are killed by these lofty Cuisinarts. All these obvious outcomes are denied by an industry that cares not about climate change and only about government-enforced profits.

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